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GlobeKid Prize for Family and Kid Travelbook 2018


The French website for travelling families, GlobeKid, organizes the fifth edition of its prize for Family and Kid travel books.

Discover the GlobeKid selection of the books created and shared by travelling families and children, and take part too in the event as a reader, a member of the jury or even an author.

It is not too late to participate to the 2018 edition of GlobeKid Prize ! Feel creative by writing your very own travel book on your 2017 or early 2018 trip destination, with the support of the GlobeKid assistant who will be more than pleased to guide you step by step up to 1st March 2018. Everyone is welcome, especially KIDS !

The winners will be known on Wednesday 14 March 2018. Their books will be published on the front page of GlobeKid, they will receive a print copy of them and will be able to download any PDF or Ebooks of the GlobeKid books for a year.

Have fun participating to this 2018 edition on GlobeKid, the Family and Kid personalized travel books website !

PS: All GlobeKid books, only in french for the moment, published in a public way, are of free access on GlobeKid. The books published by the team of GlobeKid can be personalized and downloaded in PDF or Ebook. Printed copies can be ordered via GlobeKid or Amazon. Families and kids can create their own books, in a public or private mode, on GlobeKid. It’s free too.