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Your personalized Gift Book for Christmas


For Christmas, why not give a personalized book to your dear ones with GlobeKid ? Create and share with friends and family your best souvenirs in your very own travel book with GlobeKid.

It’s easy to create or personalize a book on GlobeKid, just follow the guide. Register yourself, it’s free ! Click on Create or Personalize on the GlobeKid travelguide you chose. Need a hand ? Feel free to ask some help to the GlobeKid Online Assistant.

If you prefer creating your own travel diary, go on ! Find some inspiration with the numerous travel books created and published on GlobeKid by families and kids. Once created, you can published your book on Globekid or leave it in a private mode.

You can order your paperback book or download a PDF or a Ebook copy for some Euros. You can also share it on line with all the members of GlobeKid, as well as on social networks for free. Don’t be late if you wish to receive it on time to put it under the Chrismtas tree !

Have fun creating your Christmas gift on GlobeKid, the families and kids personalized travel books French website.

PS : The GlobeKid travel guides collection offers a large range of destinations for families and kids, created and written by the GlobeKid Team. They are available on GlobeKid.com and most of the ebooks plateforms, such as Amazon, where you can order then as well as paperback copies. Only in french for the moment.