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La société MEDIAlibri a malheureusement dû cesser ses activités.
Vous pouvez nous contacter néanmoins encore pendant quelque temps par email : contact@medialibri.com.


The aim of MEDIAlibri Publishing is to allow everyone, especially children, to access books as means of knowledge but also self-expression and sharing.

Through innovative brands of dynamic books for families, children and teachers, MEDIAlibri Publishing encourages everyone to take ownership of the book : all readers, all authors!

Globekid makes free travel books available for families and children on the Internet. These books can be customized and are available on various media:  web, ebook and printed book. Parents and children can create their own books and share an unforgettable memory. In french only for the moment.


ScolaBook provides a freely available platform on the Internet, aimed at schools, teachers and students to create and share collaborative multi-media books, from textbook to "yearbook", available on various media: web, ebook and printed book. ScolaBook will be launched soon.