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La société MEDIAlibri a malheureusement dû cesser ses activités.
Vous pouvez nous contacter néanmoins encore pendant quelque temps par email : contact@medialibri.com.


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Books are a medium of the future. Books have always encouraged creativity, communication and knowledge, and now, integrating new technologies, it brings up new usages.

At the intersection of books and computing, our company MEDIAlibri offers solutions combining the best of both worlds, bringing access to everyone.

MEDIAlibri develops its own brands of dynamic books including websites, PDF & ePub download services, as well as Print-on-demand (POD) of printed assembled books and shipping. MEDIAlibri also offers editorial and IT services to its customers.

The company MEDIAlibri SAS was founded in 2010 by a team of media professionals, graphic designers and computer scientists, with the support of Seed capital fund in Provence (DAP) for its innovative character. Located in the south of France, the company works with an international network of collaborators and partners.