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La société MEDIAlibri a malheureusement dû cesser ses activités.
Vous pouvez nous contacter néanmoins encore pendant quelque temps par email : contact@medialibri.com.


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MEDIAlibri offers editorial and IT services to communicate and allow your customers to communicate through dynamic books, in an interactive and innovative way, establishing a lasting relationship.

From editorial conception to IT development through multi-media distribution of your contents/books, our team brings you proven solutions with a special philosophy : structured content, free software and ... real listening to your needs, taking into account the requirements of your market.

Editorial services

  • Creation, editing, translation, revision, illustration of structured contents/ books for different media (web, print, ePub3, applications).
  • Adaptation and enrichment of your existing contents/books for various media (web, print, ePub, applications).
IT services

  • Custom web design or personalization from ready-to-use websites for your contents / books (HTML5, CSS3, responsive web) using Drupal, considered the most efficient and dynamic CMS (Content Management System). Agile and scrum development methods. SEO (Search engine optimization). E-commerce solutions and hosting.
  • Web to print : a complete "toolschain” to export your web content as PDF books for personal or professional printing with POD (Print on demand) for one unit and up, hardcovered and delivered to your door.
  • Web to ePub: a toolschain to export your complete web content as e-books in ePub format, the reference ebook format.
  • Mobile applications and tablets.